G A T E 9

Welcome to the official website of the norwegian Stonerdoom band GATE9. You have safely landed on the planet of the Mighty Dwarves, and we invite into our Void. Our religion is Doom, and it is your choice; Doom or be Doomed. So now we suggest that you take a good look through our site on the net. Listen to our music and buy our record from Underdogma or anywere else they're selling it.Last word of advice: SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DOOMROCKER


29 november 2006

We are sorry, but there has been a little delay in releasing our new album. It wil be avaliable within the 3 first months of 2007. But then again, if you`re waiting for something to blow your mind, you wil see that it`s worth the extra time wating!!!!! Keep supporting your local Doomrocker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 januar 2006

In the beginning of last December our next album "... in the Kingdom of Vulgaria" was finished, and we are now looking forward to release it!!!! We are also excited to get out and do some awsome gigs!!!! KEEP ON SUPPORTING YOUR LOCAL DOOMROCKER, AND WE`LL BE SEEING YOU SOON!!!!!!!!

08 juni 2005

PS: Gate 9 will release a new album,.... "In the kingdom of Vulgaria" will arrive during 2006!!!

06 juni 2005


This is the first test of a new site for GATE9. On this site you can view pictures of GATE9, listen to our music, send us e-mails and of course buy our CD. We hope you enjoy your stay here.