Gate9 Biography

Gate9 are the nicest guys in doom. In the summer of the year 2000 the three members got together to jam and doomalong.

 Their musical careers included more odd styles and genres and we care to mention, but a fascination for the darker, heavier and noisier sections of the world of music was their common denominator.

The first half year or so, they spent writing material and eating pastry (mostly pies and an occasional Danish).

The music turned out to be slow and low. The gaters found their pastes and tastes to fit each other very well.

The first Gate9 tunes were recorded at “Stua studio” in Horten Norway, owned and directed by Thomas Ruud.

The Ruudster got the sound right. The gaters were happy. Three tunes were put to tape (or rather to disk):

 Dwarves of Might, Vivid Void and Autodidact.

 This was in Easter 2001. "Maundy Thursday" and " Good Friday"….. to be exact. A touch of irony perhaps,

as the music sound quite unholy….

 We through the demo around to some labels and got attention from a couple of them, and as of today Gate9 are signed at Underdogmarecords based in Virginia USA.