Gate9 Members:



Guitar: Are Branstad

Bass and vocals: Jan Mikael Sørensen

Bass: Bjørn Erik Andersen

Drums: Jon Amund Magnæs


Ares background:

Are has played in a different variety of bands and genres. In 1989 Are played in a band called Cowshed Boys which were rock'n'roll, but with norwegian lyrics. They released an EP and got some airtime on national radio here in Norway. They later changed their name to Salad Days and released a full length LP in 1990. But soon after the release of Et Sorgens Kapittel the band was put to rest, due to some of its members moved to another era. After that Are become member of Trombones , a Ramones tribute band that did some touring in Norway.

Are was also a member of Beggarmen , which toured around with irishfolk music, and Are did his contribution as guitar- and banjoplayer.



Jans background:

Jan is a guitar player the turned over to bass in Gate9 . He has played in quiet a few different bands and genres. First serious effort however was as guitar player in a band called Again and Again,  which can be categorized as a pop/rock outfit. Again and Again released a demotape in the beginning of the 90's which draw some local attention. After Again and Again sealed its destiny Jan hooked up with some friends and started Torso . This were the first effort that Jan and Jon(drummer of Gate9 ) did together.

Jan played lead guitar in this post-grunge/heavy-metal outfit which lasted for a year or so. After the fivepiece Torso took its last breath, Jan and Jon walked on together and joined forces with Øystein and grounded Alter Ego.

In Alter Ego Jan played guitar and made his first effort as a vocalist. Alter Ego was a more straight on alternative metal act with a rather bass laden soundscape. Alter Ego also did some local shows with Are hired in as second guitar player then known as Alter Ego feut. Are B . Alter Ego was sent to rest a couple of years ago.


Jons Background:

Jon started his as a drummer in a terrible punk outfit called Angst, that didn't last for long. Then some years later he teamed up with Jan(Vocalist and bass player in Gate9 ) and formed Torso . Then Jon attended as drummer of Alter Ego , which is no longer with us. (R.i.P). Then in the summer of 2000 Are, Jan and Jon joined their forces and put together Gate9 .


Bjørn Eriks Background:

The latest member of the group and an allaround cool guy, with long beard - his name is mr. Anderson. Bjørn Erik started out in a group called RA-KOWSKI. After the group dissolved he joined Gate9 as one of the bass players.